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Patient Information

Disease Information

Information on all the diseases diagnosed, treated and managed can be found in a medical jargon free, easy-to-read manner on the Arthritis Research Campaign website which can be found on

Medication Information

The commoner medications used in arthritic conditions are dealt with very well in the Arthritis Research Campaign website which can be found by clicking here or on

Diet & Exercise

Exercise is an extremely important component of most healthcare interventions and is as important in illness as it is in health. Most people, when asked about exercise, will report walking three to four days a week, typical for 30 to 90 minutes.

Repeat Perscriptions

If you require a repeat prescription for a medication it is generally better to ask your GP who is looking after your day to day healthcare.

Blood Testing

Blood testing is available at Bon Secours in the phlebotomy department from Monday to Friday, 09:00-16:45 (closed during lunch). The fee for this is payable directly to the hospital

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