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Dr Peter Browne

I am a Tralee & Limerick based Rheumatologist providing services in the Bon Secours Hospital and in the Kerry Clinic on the grounds of the Bon Secours Hospital.

I have a special interest in the management of inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis, sports medicine and fibromyalgia. I am a passionate advocate of lifestyle interventions (diet, sleep and exercise) as being crucial to avoiding ill health and as an essential component of management of all long term illnesses. I am a strong advocate for and believer in ‘natural’ interventions such as diet, exercise and cognitive intervention and their impact on health and disease. I do not include supplements or alternative dietary supplements in this category as they are not ‘naturally’ occurring. Education on coping mechanisms, techniques for preventing disability or regaining function are just as important if not more important than medications.

I also have an active interest in medical technology and it’s application in patient safety and efficacy.

I am qualified at ‘Level 2’ EULAR Competency in musculoskeletal ultrasound. Ultrasound (US) in Europe is governed by EFSUMB (European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology). Level 2 requires completion of an online one year course followed by a barring exam and attendance at basic, intermediate and advanced course as well as a barring exam for achievement of level 1 and again at level 2. Level 2 competence indicates experience and training sufficient to ‘teach the teachers’.

Large numbers of scans are necessary to achieve this level. I am also experienced at a particular subset of ultrasound called ultrasound in large vessel vasculitis which is a very sensitive and specific test for detecting a condition called temporal arteritis (also called giant cell arteritis). There is no definition of competence here although I have taught this type of ultrasound at a national and international level.

Joint, bone or muscle pain can make life miserable. It’s important for people to know there are reliable solutions for their rheumatology disease

Dr Peter Browne


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