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Diet & Exercise

Exercise is an extremely important component of most healthcare interventions and is as important in illness as it is in health. Most people, when asked about exercise, will report walking three to four days a week, typical for 30 to 90 minutes. I generally refer to this as ‘physical activity’ as people tend to be able to conduct a conversation while walking. Proper exercise of high intensity is a different entity and involves elevation of heart rate, sweating and shortness of breath to the point that conversation is not possible. I generally recommend that people perform two types of exercise. Firstly, I recommend strength exercises. This is extremely important for maintaining muscle mass which is vital for normal cellular function as well as locomotor function. Exercise is a very personal process and please ask about how to exercise properly and efficiently but without hurting yourself. Secondly, I recommended high intensity exercise of short duration to be performed most days. This involves anything that rapidly brings on shortness of breath, sweating and elevation of your pulse. I recommend between 3 to 15 minutes of this type of exercise per day.

Most people report eating a ‘good diet’ but when examined you may find that perhaps too much of certain foods or too little of certain other foods are consumed. I do not have a formal qualification in dietetics or nutrition but it is an area of great interest of mine and I would very much encourage you to discuss your diet during your consultation where I can provide evidence based information on appropriate strategies for maintaining and promoting health.

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